Margaret at work

Margaret at work during a demonstration for the The Rotary Club of Worksop in April this year.

On Saturday 25 May,  Margaret started work on a painting during  MEET THE ARTIST DAY at John Bird Studio in Bawtry.
The demonstration showed she plans a picture and then brings it to life with watercolour and pen.
Her painting depicted the humour and atmosphere that was a part of everyday life during the 1940s and 50s. Typically, it had two women gossiping in the yard, with a little girl holding on to Mum’s apron, during a moment’s break from hanging out the washing.
This special event took place at John Bird Studio, where she also enjoyed quite a bit of time chatting to customers – both new ones and familiar ones.
This is a working gallery, displaying works of art by local and international artists and offers one of the largest collections of original paintings in the area.
The Gallery has a permanent display of Margaret’s original paintings and the full range of her limited edition prints.
John Bird Studio, 3 Dower House Square, Bawtry, Doncaster, DN10 6LS
Phone 01302 714782
Please call to check latest times etc.    

Two New Originals

          Cheese and Biscuits

Cheese and Biscuits

Going to the grocer’s was a real treat – the sights; the smells; the colours; and the things to touch and explore. It also held the prospect, however improbable,  of there being some treat or other on offer. The tins of biscuits with their glass-topped displays  were so very enticing – the biscuits on show were probably just imitation – oh, but we could smell them, almost taste them . . . . . and  longed to be able to get at them!

We used to hope that Mum would have some bacon, then would watch in total fascination as the large round shiny blade sliced cleanly through the bacon joint, and the rashers fall so sweetly onto the flat, greaseproof paper that was held across the grocer’s palm.






Mystery Players

Mystery Players

We would beg and borrow, or rummage among the deep drawers and huge wardrobes, to find whatever we could – feather boas; hats of all kinds; fancy curtains; Mum or Dad’s clothes and shoes that were miles too big; then we would strut about with panache and great delight.

With a backdrop of sheets on the clothes-line, and an audience of neighbours to encourage us, we would perform a hastily written ‘play’ that usually made very little sense to anyone but ourselves, but it would go on and on until one or more of us ended up in fits of giggles.








These two originals have been reproduced as

 Limited Edition Prints

Both of these are limited editions of 200, using high quality paper and inks, with each print numbered and signed by me.    They are available from several framing galleries – but I think the best ones are below.

Each of these has a good selection of my work, and will post things out.

John Bird Studio, Bawtry,

Fast Frame, York ,                        email:

Picture Parade, Killamarsh,    email –

Meet the Artist on 18th May 2019 at Picture Parade

Black leading the range, tin baths on Friday, and Monday washdays were a way of life in the 1940s and 50s., and these nostalgic images are brought to life in Margaret’s paintings and prints.
Her affectionate studies have captured the atmosphere and gentle humour of that life, and her paintings make people smile as they remember those times.

Always an enjoyable occasion –  MEET THE ARTIST DAY –  gives Margaret the opportunity of meeting and talking to people, and will personalise any print purchased during her visit, which gives collectors a special memory of their own.

Picture Parade will have a full range of Margaret’s Limited Edition Prints on display for this visit, along with several original paintings and sketch books.

Margaret is visiting  Picture Parade on 18th May 2019  10am to 2pm

36, Bridge Street, Killamarsh. S21 1AH    

Phone 01142 513164

 Please call to check latest times etc.,    

Margaret’s Prints and Originals at Fast Frame York

A full range of Margaret’s limited edition prints and many original watercolours will be on display. Margaret is looking forward to meeting people who are interested in her pictures, and talking to them about how she does the work. Her sketch books are fascinating to look through – they show how her work is developed. Margaret has a unique style which has brought her much success over the years – and pleasure to so many people!


or phone Andrew 01904 611544

Turning Back The Pages by Mac Clarkson

Mac has written a truly delightful collection of stories that captures the pace and texture of life in a Nottinghamshire  mining village during the 1940s and 50s.

There is warmth, humour and wit in these closely observed tales of boyhood. The book is lavishly illustrated throughout by Margaret.

Price £18 + £3.50 p&p (uk)

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